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NEW * Complex Project near Senggigi

Senggigi, Batu Layar, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

$41 per m2 and up...

Location : Senggigi


Brilliant project in one Complex near Senggigi
Ideal and unique place close to the beach
Popular area for the beach lovers
All facilities around
Have your own business with affordable capital
Your neighbor is your income
Come and choose your place for your business
7 SPACE still available!

  1. Cafe (Starbucks/Maxx Coffee)
2. Mini Market (Alphamart/Indomart)
3. Souvenir Shop
4. Jewelry Shop
5. Restaurant (Sampoerna/breakfast joint
6. Tour/Travel/Money Changer
7. Representative Office 1
8. Representative Office 2
9. Massage & Spa
10. Bakery/Donut (J.Co/Dunkin Donuts)
11. Barber Shop
12. Chinese Restaurant
13. Bar
14. Rooftop Bar
15. Parking
16. Toilet
17. Kitchen
18. Common Area

  1B   28.8 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
2A   39.5 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
3A   14.4 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
4A   14.4 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
5B   28.8 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
6E   72.0 m2 (Rp. 500.000/m2)
7E   19.2 m2 (Rp. 500.000/m2)
8E   19.2 m2 (Rp. 500.000/m2)
9E   19.2 m2 (Rp. 500.000/m2)
10C  67.2 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
11C  67.2 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
12D  19.2 m2 (Rp. 600.000/m2)
13D  14.4 m2 (Rp. 600.000/m2)
14E  57.6 m2 (Rp. 600.000/m2)
15E  24.0 m2 (Rp. 600.000/m2)
16F  28.8 m2 (Rp. 700.000/m2)
17F  95.9 m2 (Rp. 530.000/m2)


Note :
You can create your own design or provided by us…


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